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  • New Build House, Upcountry Kenya Style
  • Ocean view, Watamu
  • Construction Team on First Floor Slab
  • Watamu Beach House
  • Greenfingers Nursery
  • Natural Galana Stone Swimming Pool
  • Construction of a Swahili Ceiling
  • Dhow House - Swahili Style
  • Upcountry Style Bungalow in Watamu coastal palm gardens
  • Palm trees and sea views
  • Foreman overseeing ceiling construction
  • Interiors and fixtures
  • Desert Rose - available at Greenfingers Nursery
  • Preparing the Ground Floor Slab
  • New pool house with bar, lounge, and bathroom
  • New bathroom

  • Royjan TaylorWelcome to Royjan Taylor’s online construction portfolio.

    Whether you are a new client, or a satisfied customer, we hope that you will find it helpful and informative.

    A selection of Royjan’s past projects are shown on the site, as are various building sections from each project and techniques that Royjan and the team have mastered over the years as a contractor.

  • This website has been created to enable our clients to browse through different designs and choices when making decisions on their own properties.

    It displays many different styles, finishes and product choices which have all been used successfully on other projects. It is an amalgamation of the work Royjan has done throughout his career in construction management in East Africa which has included everything from hotels, schools, restaurants, private houses and safari camps.

    These have been done professionally using a wide range of different building materials, techniques and construction equipment.

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  • Royjan has been in the construction and landscaping industry since he left school. Along the way he has worked with some of the best local and international architects, designers and consultants.

    He has gained huge experience from building in sometimes trying conditions (Zanzibar during El Nino to mention one example) and has often had to deal with difficult situations on behalf of his clients. His Swahili is fluent and his experience in working with the local people is second to none.

    For those of you who are thinking of using Royjan Taylor to build, renovate or consult on your project and would like contact him directly, up to date contact details of Taylor Holdings Ltd (his office based in Watamu) can be found by clicking here.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms