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Using Pinterest

piniterestIn order to help remember and categorise ideas as you browse this website, we have integrated Pinterest's 'Pin It' feature. To use this feature, you will need to be signed in to your Pinterest account. Creating one is free and quick - to get started, register or sign in to Pinterest.

pin-it-iconThere are two ways to Pin images on this website:

  • A 'Pin It' button will appear when you hover over images larger than thumbnail size (200 pixels wide). If you click the Pin It button, a pop up box will prompt you to either create a new board, or select one of your current boards to Pin the image to. Test it out by hovering your mouse cursor over the house image below. NB if an image is in a Gallery, clicking on the image (rather than the Pin It button) will enlarge into the slideshow view.
  • To see all images on the page click the 'Pin It' button at top right of any page on this website, and Pin the photo/s of your choice.

img 0611You could have just a single board (such as 'New Home Ideas'), or multiple boards (such as 'Pools', 'Bathrooms', 'Tiling Ideas' etc). If an image is unavailable to be Pinned it may be because it is too small or part of a slideshow.

When Pinning to a board, you can include a description about the image, for instance as a reminder, or a note to someone you are sharing it with.

You can also either Pin to a normal public Pinterest board, or set up a Pinterest 'Secret Board' which remains private to you, and any one else you choose to invite to view the secret board.

Sharing a board with us here at Build in Watamu will allow us to go through it with you, either in person, or remotely, allowing us to get a clear idea of what you have in mind.

We have our own Pinterest account for Build in Watamu which you may like to follow for updates and ideas.