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A roof is the covering on the uppermost part of a building. A roof protects the building and its contents from the effects of weather and most importantly rain. Structures that require roofs range from a letter box to a cathedral or stadium, domestic houses being the most numerous.

“Roofing” a building term relates to the process of constructing a roof on a building and THL and the Build in Watamu team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all kinds of Roofing techniques and finishes. We have built roofs using a number of options available such as Makuti (traditional Swahili thatch), Mabati (corrugated iron sheets), Onduline, Flat roof using terrazzo as well as Clay, Concrete and Metal tiles.

Whichever product you chose THL ensures that it is done professionally with our experienced roofing team. THL also repairs damaged roofs on existing houses as part of their maintenance service.

Roof for a New Home

Your new home is a chance to get everything right, right from the start. The first step is research – on the web, on foot, over the phone and during conversations with others. This section will help you to do your roofing system research, so that you can make a roofing decision you’ll be happy to live with for decades to come. You can also contact us directly for any advice during the process.

Replacement Roof

When considering a replacement roof one needs to think of a few basics. Why are you replacing it? Usually this is because you have either just bought it and don’t like the previous owners design, it is leaking and therefore not working or it is now 50 years old and is falling apart.

Whatever your reason is, if you want a replacement roof, we can help you get what you want. We at THL have now replaced very many roofs in Watamu and will be happy to show you what options there are.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance varies with what type of roof you have. Ranging from low maintenance DECRA, to High Maintenance MAKUTI. We have a roofing maintenance team ready to help you fix your problem.

Our advice is that you don’t wait for the heavy rains to come in April/May before calling us. Let us come and advise you, in advance, so that any maintenance works can be planned properly and executed before any serious problems arise.

Roofing Considerations

Roofing is a specialist trade. It’s a job that requires specialists in the various techniques, be it tiling, makuti, terrazzo etc. Build in Watamu have been constructing roofs for many years and our specialist artisans have a wealth of experience.
Coastal locations such as Watamu require roofing systems designed to avoid problems with corrosion, leaks and system failure.
For any location, a quality product competently installed by a roofing specialist is essential if you want to avoid leaky building problems in the future.

Rainwater Catchment

Water shortages are a very real problem all over Kenya. In recent years Watamu has had serious water problems and therefore rainwater collection has been imperative. This is a big consideration when planning your house right from the start as, for example, you cannot collect water off a makuti roof. Good quality guttering is crucial and then of course you need adequate tanks to store the water and a good system installed to get water in to the house. THL has converted many roofs, installed a lot of guttering and built many tanks over the years to enable houses to collect, store and use rainwater efficiently.

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