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Walls and Fencing

Walls and Fencing

The importance of a good perimeter boundary is often underestimated. Planning and designing a good fence or wall is something that we at Taylor Holdings Limited can help you with. We have a lot of experience in this field and are happy to assist you in getting it right from the start. From a proper survey to identify the beacons of your property through approval for boundary construction to completion with hedges planted if you so wish.

From a Client’s perspective, you will need to think about your areas specific security weaknesses, what you want your wall or fence to look like, i.e. is it going to be aesthetically appealing and do you want to keep your dogs in or your neighbour’s dogs out.

Cost is an important point to think about also. How much do you want to spend and can you afford to finish it properly. Short cuts here can lead to a fence or wall not lasting or looking awful in no time.

Taylor Holdings Ltd and our Build in Watamu team will assist you in getting the perimeter boundary, not only the one that you want but the one you need.