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Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

There are many options when it comes to choosing your doors and windows, from the shape to the materials used. THL have experience in creating and installing most shapes from traditional rectangle to Arabic arches using louver mechanisms and shutters, aluminium and glass sliding windows and doors and of course hardwood.

THL take great pride in their Lamu/Swahili style doors and this is a very fitting choice for a house at the coast. Also a popular option for parts of a house are traditional breeze blocks which are good in dhobi areas as well as between rooms such as the pantry and the kitchen which allows air to circulate. Glass fitting is done carefully and used mostly in houses or rooms designed to be air conditioned.

Open windows without glass can be neatly insect proofed using shade netting allowing air to circulate. An aesthetically pleasing option for a non opening window in an area that requires light is the coloured glass block for areas such as corridors and showers. The positioning of windows and doors is crucial as they determine light and air in a building so THL will listen first and then advise you on how best to place them.

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